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SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏  has been established in the year 1989 after severe changes in the economic of Bulgaria and the environment has enabled the company stand out of the competitors with quality work and full-time responsiveness to the necessities of the international and the domestic market.

Over the years SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ as a Crewing and Manning & Ship Engineering company found its seafaring business span as a company dealing with a complex of activities for the procurement of prompt, correct and quality services to its partners shipowners, ship operators, ship agencies, shipbuilding and repair yards, offshore appliances, large-scale cruise companies.

The main working principles of SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏, which are a sound operational base are:

  • Guaranteed system to select the most skilled specialists within the region
  • Ability to supply full complements and crew replacement
  • Ability for direct selection of the specialists
  • Guaranteed fast actions and feedback in response to your Orders
  • Long-term policy for optimum service payment
  • Educational and qualification system

The office and the office assistants of SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will always be at your disposal and will serve you for the provision of precise information in response to your constructive issues and for the provision of most quality and prompt services. Each interested shipowner / ship operator / ship agent or ship company can refer for cooperation in the recruitment of the best trained professional staff of all departments onboard any type of vessel.

SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ disposes of an extensive register per positions and specialists excellently prepared and speaking English, German, Spanish or French language.

SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ can provide whole crew completions, ensure partial embarkations or individuals for any type of vessel and to every point and port all over the world provided on time transportation and pertinent papers. In any port of the Black Sea as well as in Bulgaria - Varna, Burgas, Balchik and Nessebar and in Greece, Turkey and Romania you would find cooperation and will be offered quality agency services for your ship. Our completed repair squads of highly qualified specialists, el. engineers, shipbuilders, electricians, welders - CO2, El., Argon, fitters, pipe fitters, hull workers, carpenters, air duct specialists, tilers will ensure timely and quality repair and renovation works on any type of vessel. If you are looking for a solution to find a team for your drilling rig or supply vessel or barge, you will find such specialists as drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, mud engineers, derrick men, roustabouts, electricians, fitters, mechanics, crane operator, divers etc. The specialists who have proven their capabilities in shipbuilding and ship design can provide the creation of well-sustained and up-to-the-latest-standards projects for your ship, drilling rig etc.

You can use the crewmembers of all departments onboard passenger ships filed with SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ after the initially carried out selection, tests and internal interviews.

Hope that you will choose us as your trustworthy partner, consultant and crewing agent so as to bring solution to your problems and to satisfy your necessities.

Looking forward to establish a good common cooperation!

Contractors' Services

We are your reliable partners to supply highly qualified and skilled crews for your vessels, drilling rigs and sites.
Cruise services & Ship Navigation
Cruise services & Ship Navigation
Cruise services & Ship Navigation
On & offshore oil industry
Cruise services & Ship Navigation
Ship Building & Ship repair

We Offer Contractors the Following Services

Manning & Crewing
Manning & Crewing SEAMEN STAFF FOR CARGO SHIPS AND PASSENGER SHIPS Staff - Deck and Engine Department: Our company is able and ready to provide crewmembers as follows:... Read more
Ship Engineering
Ship Engineering SAPKO-C.E. offers our partners the ability to enhance their excellence in the shipbuilding and ship repair industrial base with the professional... Read more
Agency Services
Agency Services In addition to the other activities SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ procures, we have also spanned to agency services provided at a very high quality level. This... Read more
Training Centre
Training Centre MARITIME TRAINING CENTRE AT SAPKO-C. E. Ltd. Take the opportunity to start your career on board without any previous experience We have established a... Read more
Cadet Scheme
Cadet Scheme Cadet Scheme and Application Kindly note the application form enclosed to this and be advised that it will apply only for officers graduated Varna... Read more
Entertainment department
Entertainment department Our company SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ have been working in manning and crewing and ship engineering for 7-8 years already and our aim is to expand the... Read more
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