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Ship Engineering Radio Locators

Ship Engineering
Radio Locators


Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to represent to your attention our new services we offer:
A group specialized for installation and service of radio-navigational equipment:

  • radars
  • radio-course-and-beaking indicators
  • gyrocompasses
  • sonars
  • GPS

Radio-communicational equipment:

  • VHF radiophones
  • Conventional radiostations
  • Underwater electronic fishermen systems
  • monitoring TV systems
  • intercommunications

The engineers of these groups have been performing operations for years now, serving Navibulgar – the Bulgarian Shipping Company and Varna Ship and Repair Yard. Some of them have specialized in Sperry maritime, England in installation and service of digital radio-locating systems.

We offer the services of the engineering group for your shipyards, the ships of your shipowners and/or contractors practicing several options of service as follows:

  • on-place overhaul ships/sites
  • replacement and overhaul of defective parts

The repair groups possess all necessary spare parts and can put in parts from their stocks or carry out repair works using the available ones of the shipowner and/or contractor or ordered by him.

The repair groups maintain their own special testing station for testing and adjustment of speed governors as well as equipped laboratory for repair and testing of speed governors, temperature and viscosity governors.

We offer warranty of 6 months up to 1 year of the operations carried out and the fitted speed governors.

If you show some interest in the employment of such engineers or repair groups we can sign a contract for the maintenance and service of your governors considering one of the a.m. options for repair and maintenance – which implies engagement of specialists for a definite period of time of the year to carry out repair works o/b the ship/site, overhaul of the governors at our testing station, fitting of speed governors till the damaged ones are repaired at the testing station, dispatching of engineers available to your service station operational as consultants or foremen of repair teams.

Please bear in mind that these are highly qualified specialists of higher engineering education and some of them have worked o/b vessels, having gone through each degree of promotion and are of considerable practical experience.

Hope we will be useful to you.

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