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Business Cooperation Proposal

Business Cooperation Proposal

Manning Agency incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria
Member of the Bulgarian Association of Manning Agents


By virtue of a mutually beneficial contract SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will perform its activity as a manning agent fully or partially for the SHIP OWNER in order to meet its needs for well-trained and highly qualified Bulgarian mariners, ship builders and ship repair workers, as well as specialists to work in the on- and offshore oil industry.

SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ maintains a database of more than 2000 specialists and is able to render the following services:

1. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will find, select and register fit specialists who are ready to serve on board vessels and on sites as required by the Principal.

2. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will select, direct and oversee fit adolescents to be trained at the Naval Academy and the Maritime Training School to undergo professional training after the instructions and by the financial assistance of the Principal or in accordance with a long-term contract, signed by him, who will begin practice on board the vessels or sites of the Principal as cadets or assistant specialists after the completion of the course of their studies.

3. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will select fit candidates, organize and carry out training courses for qualification and upgrading through the Bulgarian Maritime Qualification Center and other licensed bodies depending on the needs of the Principal.

4. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will maintain additional register of candidates, who will serve on board the vessels and on sites of the Principal, by preparing and submitting comprehensive CV's for approval. Sapko Cvetan Enchev will prepare and oversee the implementation of the shift-schedules and all formalities regarding the training of the candidates approved to be dispatched.

5. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will maintain permanent contacts with the Bulgarian Public Institutions and Employment Control Authorities, Consulates and the Bulgarian Maritime Administration as well as the international organizations regarding manning matters and check up for any changes in the legislation.

6. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will settle all matters, concerning the documents required for the travel: seafarer's and international passports, visas, airline tickets, medical certificates and crew lists pursuant to the contract signed with the Principal.

7. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will keep sound accounting of the incomes and costs, will make the payments due to the specialists in case it is stipulated in the contracts with the Principal and guarantee all taxes due to the country by the specialists according to the Bulgarian legislation.

8. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ will make sure that the individual contracts between the specialist and the Principal are observed by assisting them in solving possible disputes that may occur.

Ways of reaching cooperation

1. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ Varna agrees to fulfil individual orders of the Principal by virtue of a General Employment Agreement between the parties and for a fee due for the service provided. In this case the selection will be embarrassed by the incidental orders, but in any case the requirements of the Principal will be observed.

2. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ Varna agrees to operate in such a way that meets the complex needs of the Principal for its and/or for the operated by it vessels and sites, under a General Agent Agreement between the parties. The value of the services is to be negotiated. In this case it is possible to keep other permanent register of the most suitable candidates approved by the Principal for regular shifts and to train young and reliable permanent staff.

3. SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ Varna agrees to take part in the running of a Manning Representation of the Principal in Bulgaria and to that effect will submit its database in favour of the Principal. The financing of the Representation will be at the expense of the Principal, and the funds distribution will be according to the incomes or in a way agreed between the parties.

This case will be reliable should the Principal provide a wider range of vacancies and is ready to render services for other Employers.

In all cases SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ is ready to cooperate and is able to meet the requirements set by the Principal.

President: Tsvetan Enchev

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