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How to Apply for Jobs - SAPKO-C. E. Ltd.

How to Apply for Jobs

Everyone is Welcomed to Apply for Jobs on BOARD with SAPKO-C.E. Ltd.

Motivated candidates, who cover the basic equirements and experience for a position can apply for job openings on our website. Make sure that your background, education and certification are compatible wirth the advirtised job by the cruise company and that you are prepared to embark on the announced date fullfil your working contract.


Every candidate has to fill in an application form, which includes basic information about them including contact details, their education, certificates, preferences and requirements for employment. It is required to affix a passport size photo, full body size photo either wearing a uniform or formal clothes in a working environment on a white background. You also need to include at least two recent references or appraisals from your former employers, send it to our email address. After receiving and reviewing your documents our recruitment assistants will contact you for further information. They might be able to offfer you better job openings based on your profile and will inform you in case you need to provide any additional documents to secure a job on cruise ships or yachts. 


Applying for jobs by filling SAPKO-C.E.'s application form can be done online from here:


Job Application Form


Of course there is also an option to visit our main office and submit your application, diplomas and certificates personally. This will enable our assistants to offer you the best position on cruise ships or yacths according your qualifications, desires and experience. You will also be able to ask us any questions you may have concerning your future on board and/or the cruise company.

Motivated candidates, who want to work onboard luxury yachts, ocean cruise and river ships, should contact our HR Departmant by sending their CV and relevant documents for the vacancy they are applying for to the following emails addresses:


  • International candidates seeking a job as a Electro-technical Cadet A please contact us on
  • Local candidates (Balkan Region - Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Greece) seeking a job as a Electro-technical Cadet A please contact us on


SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. maintains a high standard of protection of your personal data you provide on the company's sites and manages and processes the data with your consent in order to meet the requirements of the new European rules for the protection of personal data. Please take a moment to learn about key moments of the Privacy Policy that you can access at any time.


We wish you success in your applucation proccess and we hope you can get the job you dream for with the help of SAPKO-C.E.'s expert advice!

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