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Entertainment department

Entertainment department

Our company SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ have been working in manning and crewing and ship engineering for 7-8 years already and our aim is to expand the services we render and offer higher level of quality and satisfaction for our main target is to defend the interests and work in favor of the client.

SAPKO-C.E.Ltd‏ provides high quality seafarers for deck and engine department and even more - extremely proficient and skillful personnel for the hotel and restaurant department, casino staff and entertainers. We strive to offer different kind of personnel and extend to the needs of our clients.

Being aware of your needs in qualified specialists for all the departments as follows:

  • Casino,
  • Hotel and Food & Beverage Management,
  • Housekeeping,
  • Food & Beverage,
  • Purser's Dept.,
  • Cruise Staff,
  • Entertainment,
  • Music,
  • Information Technology,
  • Gift Shop,
  • Photography,
  • Beauty Salon and Spa, and
  • Front Desk Personnel,


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We can assure you that we can meet your needs and requirements. Working with one of the major companies in this field makes us confident that we can keep up to your high standards for our methods of selection and training. As an example we work with such cruise companies as Club Cruise, The Netherlands, International Service Management, Italy, StarClippers, Monaco, Starline Cruises Ltd., Naif Marine, Flagship Retail Services, Blue Ocean etc. We are sure to say that our cooperation with the Spanish company Pullmantur Cruises is very successful providing them with a wide range of personnel for their passenger ships. Besides, our company provides additional training through its own maritime training center. We are proud to say that we already have traditions in the selection process of specialists carried out through our internal language and qualification tests and a psychoanalytical test being provided at our medical center. We feel bound to outline the fact that Varna as a tourist center and having near such gorgeous resorts as Albena, St. Konstantine and Helena, Golden Sands, Riviera holiday club disposes of excellently trained and experienced personnel with profound knowledge of English, Spanish, German and other languages.

Here we would like to present the recently established agency at our department for selection and recruitment, preparation and advertising of artists, performers, bands, musicians, magicians, dancers etc. that you can always use whenever necessary. We work with some of the most famous, highly qualified experienced artists, musicians, dance formations and other entertainers, all of them having relevant and long-term experience with lots of participations in large and prominent hotel chains and complexes and internationally awarded. You can convince yourself of the presentation attached hereto, and hope that we can offer you our services in this area.

We are glad to represent to your attention the newly-established agency dedicated to selection and recruitment of artists, performers, dance formation etc. at SAPKO-Enchev – Crewing and Manning & Ship Engineering.

The department for training, filtering and shrotlisting of entertainment staff and the agency affiliated to it runs the following activities:

  • Show Business – selection, training and promotion of musicians, bands, dancers and dance formations, performers, singers, solo singers, one-man show, duos, trios, piano players, ballet dancers etc.
  • Fashion, advertisement of fashion shows etc.
  • Show business spans to:
    Impresario services in the selection, training and promotion of different performers and musicians, show performance, fashion shows etc.

The shortlisting and the producers work of the artists, ballet forums and musicians, is the primary and the basis of the impresario services. It is mainly worked with artists – most of them originating from Bulgaria – excellent professionals and a lot of them are internationally experienced and awarded with international merits and awards. Our artists and musicians have performed and are still performing in the country and in Canada, France, Finland, Norway, Germany, Cyprus, OAE, Spain etc. Major part of them have extensive experience onboard passenger ships and have taken constant part in the shows and programmes, organized onboard. They have worked for such companies as Color Line, Viking, Cunard Lines, Costa Cruises, Festival Cruises, Royal Olympic Cruises etc.

Under the aegis of the entertainment and shows agency, lots of the musicians and performers, prepared through the agency, work at major hotel chains at such Bulgarian fine resorts as Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, St. Elias, Albena etc. on the Black Sea coast.

Another main activity of the agency that should not be overlooked is in the sphere of organization and preparation of a number of international beauty contests. The agency prepares and disposes of own-trained choreographers and stylists who have formed a group of role models – male and female, and keeps on discovering and training young talents.

In this relation there are lots of fashion festives with the participation of agency staff and organized through the agency.

The main partners in the sphere of shows, promotion and fashion forums are: Hoffmann La Roshe, Neckermann, Sharing, Novo Nordisk etc.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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