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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes cruise ship employment so unique?

Working on a ship means you have live and work onboard. This also means it’s a 7-day work week with 10+ combined hour per day.

Is this a full time job?

Employment on a cruise ship is definitely a full time position. However due to the intensity of onboard work and live, it is on an assignment basis.

How long is the assignment?

Assignments vary depending on the position and brand. It can be anywhere between 4 months and 10 months.

Do I need travel documents?

Valid passports are needed for all our new crew members. New hires that are not US citizens, US Permanent Residents or Canadian will need to obtain a C1/D visa.

What is a C1/D visa?

It’s a special visa for non US and Canadian nationals to work onboard a cruise ship. This can be obtained at the US embassy in your respective countries.

Where do I sleep and what will it look like?

Living space can vary based on ship and the position. While the managements level position will have a single room, non-management will be sharing with roommates. Although the room is small, you have a comfy bed, a shared TV, personal closet space and full bathroom. You have clean sheets and fresh towels.

Is there a place to relax?

Yes. There is a common room where our employees can gather to play games, share experience and even watch a movie. In some ships, we even have a Internet Café just for our crew to check in with what is going on back at home.

What happens at the end of my assignment?

Each assignment concludes with a performance review. Based on the evaluation, you will be asked to return. In some cases, we can even provide a return assignment before you even leave the ship.

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