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Training Centre

Training Centre


Take the opportunity to start your career on board without any previous experience 


We have established a partnership with Global Standard Training Center Professional (GSTC PRO) to organize training courses for motivated peopel, who would like to start their career on board. These programmes are specifically designed for someone, who does not have any prior experience in the sector. It is important for candidates to understand that jobs on board are really different from the ones onshore. There are certain geenral rules and regulations that everyobody needs to follow. Depending on the positions candidates will receive professional lectures from people with large experience in the sector. 



The courses are usually from 3 weeks up to 3 months depending on the student’s experience, position, department. However, in case the candidate is enrolled on a specific programme designed by a ship owner / operator the course might be shorter or longer based on their requirements. The teaching happens in atraining facility in Varna, Bulgaria, where preliminary selected candidates are taught according to the standards and best practices employed in the industry. Students will get familiar with the ship life and the general rules that are set by the leading companies in the industry. That way trainees will easily integrate into the dynamic environment on board and will not have a problem integrating into the team. The courses are also a good opportunity to meet and network with future coleguaes, Getting to know your colleguaes in advance can be benefitial both for a staff memeber´s professional and social life. 


The courses are organzied based on the departments on board: 

  • Front Desk
  • Food & Beverage
  • Housekeeping
  • Galley
  • Spa & Beauty
  • Nautical


More about GSTC PRO, the structure of the programmes and what other services the company offers can be found on their website:

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