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About us

SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. is a licensed manning and crewing agency based in Varna Bulgaria. We have been interviewing and assessing candidates for work onboard river and cruise ships. Our main goal is to find and assemble the best crew for our partners and give talented and motivated individuals their next career venture.

For over 25 years we’ve provided our clients with exceptional quality of service. Our company has lived through many economic and political turmoil. This serves as a testament to the dedication and resilience of our work. Just like any company we also have good years and bad years. Despite that, we have managed to prove to our partners that they can depend on us. At the same time, candidates know that we are the people they can turn when they need to start careers or advance their experience. 

The company was founded in 1994 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. Varna is the city to be for all things related to tourism and sea fearing. Our hometown is located on the coast of the Black Sea right next to beautiful resorts like Albena, St. Konstantine and Helena, and Golden Sands. We have a wide range of universities like the College of Tourism, the Secondary Vocational School of Public Catering, The Varna Technical University and N.I. Vaptsarov Naval Academy. This means we have a large local and highly qualified pool of people that are ready to start a career on ships. Through the years we have established a network of representative offices in Miami - USA, UK, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Through the years we have helped thousands of young and experienced candidates find their next career venture in the maritime industry. Over 85% of our candidates who apply through us have been accepted. At the same time companies who work with us trust us to always find the perfect crew members to work on board their ocean/river cruise ship and/or yachts. We also pride ourselves on the quick work that we do when a vacant spot comes up and needs to be filled ASAP. If there needs to be a shift of personnel during the year we also help our partner companies find qualified candidates.  

SAPKO-C.E. Ltd’s main service focuses on finding and screening candidates for upcoming positions on ships, yachts, special projects like shipbuilding and ship repair work. This is the base of our work. We do an initial interview with the candidates according to the already established standards in the recruitment profession. We strive to help motivated individuals to find and get accepted into the ideal position for them on board.

We also provide services related to attending and berthing of ships that come into Varna Port. We will take care of all operations related to the off-loading and loading of the ship. Any logistical work like re-stocking the ship’s supplies will also be handled by us. We will also help with any chartering needs the ship may have. To make it possible for us to give the best service the Vessel should give ETA Notice to the Agent one day prior to arrival as well as Confirming ETA Varna, Number of Pax/Crew, Vessel needs - Freshwater, Shipchandler, etc.

Apart from the crew for the ship we also have a database of highly qualified personnel ready to work on shipbuilding or ship repair projects. So if your company is looking for any specialist related to repair, construction, reconstruction, and refurbishing of the ship you can rely on us for finding the best one. 

The company covers a wide range of ship engineering services. SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. has been a subcontractor for many of our partners. 

We provide supervisors for hull work, machine part – electrical equipment and electronics, painting & blasting including preparation for painting, painting, hull part and outfitting. All of our supervisors are experienced graduates from the N.I. Vaptsarov Naval Academy or the Varna Technical University both of which are located right here in our hometown. Our workers are fluent English speakers and have fulfilled a variety of projects in other countries. Aside from experience they also hold references from companies Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, ABS.


  • Deck Department
  • Engine Department
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Food Production
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Hotel Administration
  • Purser Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Casino
  • Beauty Salon
  • Recreation




All of these positions are made available by our longtime partners. We work with the best companies in the industry. Through the years we’ve proven to them that they can trust to find candidates for every position they need. Here are some of the companies we work with: 

  • DCL
  • ISP
  • Sea Chefs
  • Global Management
  • Maritime Holding Group
  • Abou Merhi Cruises
  • Ibero Cruceros
  • NCL
  • Viking Cruises
  • GCCL
  • Hapag Lloyd’s 
  • Edelweiss Gastro
  • Scenic Cruises
  • Carnival Cruise Line



SAPKO C.E. Ltd. organizes seminars to prepare our candidates about the work life balance on board and to introduce them to the specific requirements of the companies. We also host assessment centers with cooperation with the ship owners / operators, which sent HR representatives to interview candidates on the day. People who apply through SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. have a greater chance to secure a job with a company from our extensive list of partners. We regularly post job openings on our website and social media pages and we will inform our pool of candidates once there are assessment centers and/or face-to-face interview events. 

About Us | Crewing & Manning Agency | Ship Engineering & Repair Services | SAPKO-Crewing & Engineering | SAPKO-C.E.


We keep a register of qualified and experienced marine specialists, specialists in ship building and ship repair industry, offshore and onshore specialists and shore based personnel for all sectors of the industry. The selection of suitable candidates is performed with the use of computerized search and selection database. Our search facility is able to match most of the main requirements, which identifies successful candidates. Candidates files are constantly updated, which procedure enables us to become aware of the candidate availability in no time.

Our agency services pursue quality operations as per the requirements of our clients. We are sensitive and alert to the clients and candidates needs to find the best placement match. The awareness of the clients requirements enables us to fill the vacancies, which can often occur unexpectedly and at short notice.

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