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Bitcoin Cruise Ship You Can Live and Work On - industry news by Sapko C.E. Ltd.
Cruise Ship News

Bitcoin Cruise Ship You Can Live and Work On

Published on: 19 October 2020

Ocean Builders is buying a cruise ship and creating an atmosphere where Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts can live and work on it.

All businesses on board the cruise ship will accept US Dollars and of course, Bitcoin. The ship, MS Satoshi, will be named after the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ocean Builders says that MS Satoshi, aka the Crypto Cruise Ship, will be a business focused environment where you can relocate your existing business, set up a new global head office, or come and start a new business and be supported in an environment of like minded entrepreneurs.

Everyone from digital nomads to YouTube influencers, startup teams, and established businesses are welcome with office space to accommodate them.

Ocean Builders believes that this could be the start of a modern floating Venice of the Americas and an important hub of innovation in the world.

The cruise ship will use the newest cruise industry health and safety standards to ensure a prosperous environment for all residents and crew. They will offer onboard testing with medical facilities and a pharmacy.

Starting on November 5, they will begin auctioning off the first 100 cabins on the cruise ship. You can select your preferred location and place a bid. Bidding will close after three weeks and Ocean Builders will announce the winning bids a week later.

Buyers will be able to move into the cruise ship starting in January 2021 according to Ocean Builders website.

The cruise ship’s 5,000 square foot theater will be used to host educational workshops, give talks, host events, and play movies and have live performances.

MS Satoshi will have a fully stocked fitness center and offer yoga and fitness classes. Residents can also stay in shape by doing laps on the running track or taking a ship in the ship’s pool.

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