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Positions within Galley Department of Cruise Ships | Jobs Onboard - industry news by Sapko C.E. Ltd.
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Positions within Galley Department of Cruise Ships | Jobs Onboard

Published on: 4 August 2021

There are a variety of positions on board cruise ships within the Galley department. Here you will learn what jobs you can apply for and their responsibilities if you are aspiring of working within the culinary industry as a chef. We will describe each position from Galley department, the responsibilities of the person, who has taken the role and the day-to-day activities. This will help you get a better understanding of the different types of Cooks on board and what it takes to reach the Executive Chef job on cruise ships.


Executive Chef

Executive Chef Working on board cruise ships

An Executive chef evaluate the work of everyone in the kitchen and ensure high standards. They motivate and organize the team. They also act as the face of the kitchen and establish the connection between the passengers by communicating with them and participating in ship events. As the heads of the kitchen, they also organize the food supply since ships only re-stock when they are at a harbor.


Sous Chef

A Sous Chef is the second in command in the kitchen after the executive chef. Due to the Execute Chef’s more overarching role, this position has many responsibilities such as directing the food presentation, keeping the kitchen staff in order, training new Chefs, creating work schedule and making sure all the food that goes to customers is of the best quality to maintain high standards.



Cooks are the core of the kitchen, they are in charge of preparing all the tasty meals for the customers. Most ships will have their own menu cycle. As a cook, you will be preparing daily meals in accordance to that cycle and you have to keep your workplace nice and tidy.


Line Cook / Chef de partie

A Chef de Partie is someone who is responsible for a certain part of the kitchen in which they have specialized. Examples of this can be based on food type fish, meat or salads or based on the way the food is prepared roasting, grilling or frying. A Chef de partie is usually handling their area on their own, but in larger kitchens they may have several assistants.


Junior Cook / Commis De Cuisine

A Junior cook is a person who has recently completed their formal training and does not have enough experience. Junior Cooks are involved in the preparation of dishes and provide assistance to the more senior members of the kitchen. This position puts an emphasis on learning and acquiring new skills and is the step everyone needs to go through if they want to reach the top job.



Baker Working On Cruise Ship


Bakers are in charge of preparing all of the baked goods on the ships. They are often the people who go in the kitchen the earliest since the first dining service, the breakfast, includes a lot of baked goods. Depending on the company and the way the galley is organized Bakers may assist or work together with Pastry Chefs.


Pastry Chef

A Pastry Chef takes care of the sweeter side of the menu. A good main meal is essential to a fine dining experience but what passengers will probably remember is the beautiful desert at the end.A pastry chef must have exceptional skills in dessert preparation and in visual presentation since desserts are often the most beautiful things that come out of the kitchen.


How do promotions work on cruise ships?

When someone has consistently performed really well and is about to get promoted the company sends them to a Culinary School on board one of their ships for around 3 weeks at the start of the new season (usually in February).


Requirements for becoming a chef on a ship

You may be wondering what does it take to become a chef in a busy kitchen on a luxurious cruise ship?


  • You will need a diploma from a culinary school to prove your experience as a cook. Chefs on ships are not your average fast-food workers. They need to be highly qualified and have a formal education.
  • Most companies will require you to have at least 2 years’ experience on the position in 4 or 5-star restaurants or hotels.
  • You will need to be fluent in English to work in a fast-paced environment and communicate with a multicultural team of individuals.





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