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What you should know about Sea Chefs & working on their river cruise ships - upcoming event by Sapko C.E. Ltd.

What you should know about Sea Chefs & working on their river cruise ships

Sea Chefs is a multinational company in the ocean and river cruise business. The organization prides itself on being one of the best service providers in the hotel, restaurant and crew management sectors. The company has offices located in Switzerland, Cyprus, Germany, and Austria and has many partners around Europe.

The unique thing about the company is that it does both fleet management and crew management. This means that a lot of companies rely on Sea Chefs to find their personnel. But unlike a crew management company, they directly employ the crews. 

Throughout the years Sea Chefs has also expanded in other categories of the ship management industry. The company provides management for hotels on board. They take full control of hotel operations as well as all other duties related to laundry, housekeeping, insurance management, and quality supervision. 

Sea Chefs provides spa management services. They take care of budget planning, sourcing staff and providing smooth operations of the ship’s spa by assuring quality standards are met. 

Sea Chefs helps its partner companies with hygiene management according to the USPH, UKPH, and HACCP and other standards. This ensures the prevention of any health risks that may arise due to improper storage or preparation of food.

Finally, Sea Chefs offers consultative services related to the construction or reconstruction of a vessel.

The company employees around 15,000 people on board sea and river cruise ships. That number is constantly increasing because Sea Chefs have been steadily growing their fleet and are always looking for new talented and motivated individuals to become a part of their team. Successful candidates will have the chance to work on board various ships, because Sea Chefs operates the feet of companies such as Hapag-Lloyd, Mein Schiff, Phoenix Reisen, Noble Caledonia and many more. 


In this article, we’ll focus more on the work environment on river cruise ships, operated by Sea Chefs.


Traits needed to be a Sea Chefs river cruise crew member.

River cruise ships are a lot smaller than the giant ocean ships. Due to their size river ships have a smaller crew and fewer passengers. Thus the relationship between everyone on the ship is more personal. 

Sea Chefs expects their river crews to be able to communicate and service the guests. This is what the company calls “Having a personal touch”. While you are on the ship you will get to know the passengers and learn more about them. Since there are way fewer guests you will be servicing them multiple times during the cruise. It’s important to get to know them and their specific requirements and needs.

The Sea Chefs crew member needs to be disciplined and respectful. This way you’ll be able to communicate more efficiently and work with the other members of your team and fulfill your tasks in the best possible way. Good command of English is also a necessity since it is the official communication language used on board. 


Life on board as a Sea Chefs crew member.

When you board a Sea Chefs ship you will be welcomed into a team of individuals who are very close and work together as a family. In time you will also become part of that family. Crew members say that there is an adjustment period of around 2 weeks. After that, you fall into the schedule of life and work at the sea. Although working hours are quite long and the environment can be hectic at times, your hard work is recognized but rewards you will have enough time to rest and replenish after your contract has ended.

When you become a Sea Chefs crew member you will have your own cabin on the ship. The crew cabins include beds, a TV, a desk and a computer. All crew cabins have their own bathroom that is fitted with everything you may need during the time you work. Your uniform will be provided by the company so you don’t have to worry about that. Cabins are occupied by two crew members. It is important to be respectful and get along with your roommate. Crew members have reported that in time they become friends with the person they live with. Be open to meet new people and to learn more about different cultures since the crew is formed from people with diverse backgrounds. This is an opportunity to meet new colleagues from around the world and form long-lasting relationships. 

The other place where you will be meeting and socializing is the crew mess haul. There you will enjoy freshly cooked food from the crew chefs. You’ll have the chance to socialize and communicate with colleagues from all departments. All food on the ship is free of charge for crew members.

Crew members can also use the ship’s laundry. There you will be able to wash your uniforms and personal clothes. You will have to do that according to the schedule. Each room has its designated time when they can do laundry.

During time off you will have the opportunity to visit one of the many cities you will be traveling to. Many crew members describe the amazing feeling of going to sleep in one city and then waking up on the port of another. 

If exploring is not your thing, you can take advantage of the crew sun deck. There you can have a coffee and relax after a long day of work. You can Invite a colleague to join in your time off. Share a story from work and make a plan about what you are going to do on your day off.



Opportunities and benefits for Sea Chefs crew members.

Every crew member of the ship is provided with an opportunity to develop their professional skills and get promoted. Sea Chefs have their own College where they train crew members and give them the skills needed to perform their duties. You will also be taught other skills like how to have proper body language and you will participate in one of many role-playing exercises that aim to teach personnel how to handle different situations. Different language classes are also provided depending on your level. You’ll be able to learn new languages and interact with native speakers. A lot of the passengers on Sea Chefs are German so a good command of the language will be seen as a benefit and will help in earning your promotion. Knowing a passenger’s native language will help you to establish a more personal connection with them, which is something that Sea Chefs highly values.


You can find more information about the Sea Chefs Academy here:


Ready to apply for Sea Chefs?

If you like the mentality and values that Sea Chefs holds you can see the current vacant positions they offer. We at SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. are a certified partner agency and will help you with any documents you need to prepare and we will make sure that you are ready to pass your interview.

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