under the Personal Data Protection Policy
of SAPKO-C.E.Ltd. in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679

SAPKO-C.E.Ltd. adheres exclusively to the legal framework on personal data protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Personal Data Protection Act, Convention 108 for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, Directive 95/46/EU on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, Recommendation No R (99) 5 for the protection of privacy on the Internet, Recommendation 1/99 on Invisible and Automatic Processing of Personal Data on the Internet performed by Software and Hardware, Ordinance No 1 of 07.02.2007 of the Personal Data Protection Commission for the minimal level of technical and organization measures and permissible type of personal data protection).

As a part of the manning process SAPKO-C.E.Ltd. receives/collects and processes personal data, concerning the candidates for employment. The Company is committed to be transparent about how it collects and uses such data and to fulfill its obligations for data protection under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. This Form aims to inform you how SAPKO – C.E. Ltd. intends to use the information provided by you upon filing your application for employment.

SAPKO-C.E.EOOD collects and processes personal data in compliance with the principle of privacy and non-interference in the personal life of the citizens.

In order to provide our services and to give you the opportunity to be employed on board of ships and marine structures, operating under foreign flag, at the positions, for which you apply, we process the personal data provided voluntarily by the candidate/natural person/crew member. Some of the services like preparing your CV and processsing and filling out the application form for employment, require you to provide information regarding your physical identification (name, address, telephone number, email); professional education and experience (type of the education, qualifications, degrees and titles), marital status, etc.

The natural person/candidate/crew member, looking for a job, shall decide independedly whether or not to provide personal data and what personal data to provide.

The data shall be stored in various safe places, including in your file, in the human resources management system and in other electronic systems (including e-mail), by ensuring permanent confidentiality, entireness, availability and sustainability of the processing systems and services.

We need to process your data in order to satisfy your request in connection with your application for employment on positions on board of ships and marine structures, operating under foreign flag, so that the representatives of the Ship Owners and Ship Operators to get information about your professional skills and work experience before offering you job and employment contract. In most of the cases we have to process the personal data provided by you, to confirm and provide the necessary information to the Ship Owner/Management team of the Employer for the purposes to proceed to the next stage of employment, i.e. job offer and employment on the position, for which you apply for.

Your application shall be organized in an electronic format/file and you understand and agree that your file will be examined as an information document by the Ship Owners/Ship Operators and the Management teams and their Human Resources Departments, if it is required by you/the candidate for employment and you have provided the data.

Employers, Ship owners, Ship Operators and Management teams and their Human Resources Departments in the country/European Economic Area and/or outside it, may have an access to your electronic file, only if the data provider has declared its wish its file or C.V. to be disclosed to the respective persons.

Our company undertakes not to disclose any information about the natural person, providing the personal data in cases, where this option is chosen by the natural person, except in cases, where we are obliged by the law if requested officially by any state/regulatory authority to disclose personal data or when such disclosure complies with the legal requirements, in connection with prevention/finding out of a crime and/or protecting the interests of the other users of our services and/or the public interest.

SAPKO-C.E.Ltd. processes the data about the candidates/employees/ crew members during the process and all stages of employment/ offering an employment contract and maintaining of electronic records/file in electronic and/or other format of file only at the will and express permission of the candidate/natural person/employee/ crew member in connection with his/her application for position. We recommend not to include in your CV data about racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophic believes, membership in political parties or organizations, or associations with religeous, philosophical, political or syndical purposes; as well as information regarding the health and sexual life of the natural person.

PLEASE, NOTE: SAPKO-C.E.Ltd. collects personal data only when the data is provided voluntarily by the natural persons, and not by any other ways. We are not responsible for the authenticity of the data provided by the natural persons/candidates/employees/crew members and we do not conduct any checks in this connection. You, as an user of our services should acknowledge that we can not give guarantee regarding the real identity of the natural persons, who provide data to us. In every case of doubt, or fraud and/or misuse established by you, we expect you immediately to notify us.

The processing of the personal data provided and permitted to us to do so by the candidates/employees/crew members for employment purposes allows us to manage the process of recruitment, the selection and the fitness for engagement and offering an employment contract for work on board of various marine structures and ships, operated by the employers – Ship Owners and allows them to make better final assessment when employing personnel.

If your job application is not successful, SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. may store you personal data in an archive file (in electronic form and hard copy) for future additional opportunities for employment/forthcoming new selections and vacant positions on board of marine structures and various type of ships, sailing under foreign flag, provided/announced by different employers – Ship Owners and Ship Operators.

For all these procedures and actions your consent will be requested before storing your data and in this context you have the right to reject/cancel your consent at any time.

In these specific cases if you wish, and if you are not interested in applying for a job in future or do not want to participate in the next personnel selections, organized by SAPKO-C.E.Ltd. for employers – Ship Owners and Ship Operators, we will return the documents and the data submited by you by the respective legal manner and according to your own wish.

If your application for job position on board of marine structures and various type of ships, operating under foreign flag, for which you apply and have submitted the respective documents, is successful and the offer for work in the respective department of the marine structure/ship, made by the employer/ship owner/ship operator, corresponds to your wishes, then the personal data collected and provided during the entire process/ stages of selection and recruitment, will, with your explicit permission and confirmation, be transferred to your employer (this includes employers, Ship Owners, Ship Operators, management teams and human resources department in the country/ the European Economic Area and/or outside it), which also comply with the Policy of Protection of Personal Data of Natural Persons and have submitted form/declaration for use of the personal data of the employees/ crew members, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and be kept during your employment.

Providing of data for the purpose of applying for a job position on board of various types of ships and marine structures, necessary for the process and stages of selection, holding interviews and filing application for job vacancies, is voluntary act of the natural person/ employee/ candidate/ crew member. You have the right to choose not to provide all necessary/required personal data, related with and required for the specific job position by the management teams/ employer/ ship owner/ ship operator and you should be informed that in this case the employer/ship owner may have or may consider that the information, which he needs, is limited and your options as a candidate for employment may be eventually more limited or you may be less competitive compared to the other candidates, who have provided the required data and information.

The personal data, necessary for applying for a job position on board of passenger ships, operating under foreign flag or other marine structures, will be used for determining/evaluating of your application for employment, and for updating the information about your professional career and its confirmation, and the work recommendation letters and job performance evaluation forms, in coordination with the Maritime Administration/ previous employers-ship owners, as well as for keeping in contact with you and to inform you for further career opportunities on board of various types of ships and marine structures, sailing under foreign flag. In the event of approval of your application for job position and you are employed on board of a ship on a position, which you want and for which you have applied for with our partner/employer/ship owner, with which our company has a general agency agreement for recruitment of sea specialists as a manning agent, the information provided by you will be part of your employee record/electronic file and shall be used for the purposes of your employment on board of ships and marine vessels, sailing under foreign flag.

Your personal data, provided to us by you, is stored on technical means, located in a specialized directory/centralized directory with ensured permanent confidentiality and entirety, with availability and sustainability of the files and a limited access. The employees, who have an access to the technical center, are obliged to treat this information as confidential. Your personal data shall not be used for marketing or promotional purposes, unless you have give your express consent to this. Your rights as natural persons, who have provided its own data, will be our priority and you are entitled to object to us against:

We, as a personal data administrator, undertake to:

- maintain technical option for entering, change, addition or deletion of personal data;

- provide an adequate training/coordination and control of the employees;

By providing data for your job application you give your consent for processing this information, including for transfer of the data from your job application in accordance with this Statement.