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Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria - SAPKO-C.E. Ltd.

Published on: 3 January 2019

SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. is a licensed recruitment agency in the field of cruise industry. We are located in Varna, Bulgaria.

Our head office is located in Varna, Bulgaria but we operate worldwide through network of sub-offices in different spots on the Globe, such in Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Latin America, India and others.

Bulgaria has a very strategic position in Balkan Peninsula which gives us great advantage over the competition. Varna is the so called Summer Capital of Bulgaria with well-developed tourism industry. Therefore our cruise line job candidates have high professional qualification and long year onboard experience.

We are a leading provider of highly competent crew from Eastern Europe for the cruise line industry and leading provider of marine recruitment services in Bulgaria.

We offer a multitude of marine recruitment services from sourcing and placing the right candidates to the right vacancy through marine standard training when needed for successful integration and career progress.

SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. recruitment agency provides a wide range of services for both, job candidates and cruise line companies.

Our high skilled and experienced experts will assist and advise you in the process of the planning and the development of the future strategies for your career development and growth. They will give you accurate and up-to-date information on how to grow in the hierarchy and what to expect from your development in the cruise industry. This will help you to prepare your personal financial plan.

SAPKO-C.E. Ltd. recruitment agency will help our candidates manage their professional development in the most effective way possible.

For cruise line companies, we offer the best candidates for the open job positions based on their professional qualification, job experience and career plans.

We use our own preliminary developed network of established professionals and a large database of qualified marine specialists, relying on Bulgaria's strategic positioning and the broad development of tourism in our country.

This guarantees the professional training of our staff and provides the opportunity to accumulate experience in a number of cruise line jobs. Therefore the suggested candidate will do his job in the best possible way because it will be based on his personal expectations, motivation and experience.

More information about the application requirements and the required qualifications at: (Some requirements) and (How to Apply).



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