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Positive news from Grand Circle Cruise Line - industry news by Sapko C.E. Ltd.
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Positive news from Grand Circle Cruise Line

Published on: 24 September 2020

Positive information received from the Company Grand Circle Cruise Line and their Management announced that the Company took the first steps for the resume of operations in the beginning of next year.

These are clearly very difficult times worldwide and indeed we are passing through a most unprecedented period. Grand Circle Cruise Line has taken strong steps as a Company both in their region and at the Headquarters in the USA. The steps have placed the Company in a strong position for 2021.

As per the letter of the Chairman of the Company – Mr. Simon Laxton, the Company had decided not to operate the ship fleets again until March/April 2021 as the situation is simply too uncertain. Critically the travellers are telling they want to wait until next Spring before travelling again – which is fully understandable given the circumstances in the US and indeed here in Europe.

Having said that, last week the Company is undertaking extensive promotions aimed at the women travellers (who now constitute 76% of the business) and for 2021 departures. As things stand bookings for April 2021 onwards are in a great position, sales wise and these promotions are helping strengthen that.

Sales plans for the cruises are around 75 % of the total capacity which is very encouraging.

In the coming weeks the Company will advise for more details regarding the next steps.

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