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Ocean Passenger Ships Vacancies
Ocean Passenger Ships Vacancies

Photographers and Video operators jobs on cruise ships

Published on: 21 November 2019 
Photographers and Video operators jobs on cruise ships

We are currently looking for motivated and experienced candidates for position PHOTOGRAPHER who will be able to make photography and video an enjoyable addition to the guests cruise experience. The position is for work on board Luxury Cruise Passenger Ships and Ferries with 100% British and American tourists. You can find more details about the offer below: 


Employment Offer:

  • Vessel: Luxury 5+ Star Cruise Ship or Ferry
  • Position: Photographers and Video Operators
  • Basic Guaranteed Salary: 800 GBP + % from all incomes
  • Grand Total Salary: approx. per month - 1200 - 1800 GBP (depending on the ship/ passengers' nationality, ship rotation)
  • Starting Date: ASAP after approval



  • at least 2 years experience in the position, experience in professional social photography
  • very good knowledge of English language
  • must have STCW certificates and all maritime documents
  • to have photographic and printing skills in order to shoot a wide variety of different situations during a cruise. You will take pictures of passengers wherever and whatever activities they are doing, both on and off the ship during their time on board.
  • should have a firm knowledge of photography
  • previous experience with printing mini-lab machines is desirable
  • must have video skills as you are going to be responsible for the onboard filming as well as the gallery presentations and promotions
  • sales ability - photographers are expected to not only present and sell the photographs taken throughout the cruise but also to have the sales competence to promote all of the services to the passengers
  • interpersonal skills - the ability to interact with people. Must be able to communicate with a diverse range of passengers from all over the world.
  • must be able to work in team - a great time is spent with your colleagues as not only will you be working with them, but you will be living with them too!


All candidates who are interested in this offer, please send your actual and detailed CV with current photo, together with all your STCW certificates and maritime documents and references from your previous employers. All this to one of our working e-mails: or


Please send your e-mails with short introduction about yourself and the position you are applying for.

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