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Important Information For Cruise Ship Crew Members Regarding Travel Arrangements 2020 - industry news by Sapko C.E. Ltd.
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Important Information For Cruise Ship Crew Members Regarding Travel Arrangements 2020

Published on: 14 April 2020

The majority of cruise companies have been struggling to bring home crew members due to the travel restrictions. However, their travel teams and global mobility experts are staying very close to each one of the crew members’ journey back home! 


A huge worry at the moment is the transportation costs that most of you have made. People who have already purchased tickets before cancellation of all voyages and boarding of individual vessels should at this point cancel those reservations directly through the airlines, as most of them are currently providing it free of charge.



Some airlines might refuse to give you a full refund through their online platform and you would have to write to them and ask to get your money back. In the event that you are not given what you want, you should request a business note from them confirming that the airline company has refused your request.


The crew members who were scheduled to board the cruise ships of the major cruise companies, both those who had contracts and the newcomers, who all have prepared their embarkation documents (travel tickets, American VISAs) will receive a refund under their company rules. This is a standard procedure of large companies, which they usually do when launching new cruises or when they prepare for the hiring of new crew so there is no need to panic.


Ticket redeeming will take place when the season starts again and will be paid with your first paycheck. Some cruise companies, which have decided to pay a bonus / standby salary to their senior ex-crew members are now likely to take steps to compensate those affected by adding a base amount, as per the instructions of the travel company. The management teams of companies are currently working on a plan of action and further information will be given soon.





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