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Embarkation Of Job Seekers On Board Mega Yachts in April 2020 - industry news by Sapko C.E. Ltd.
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Embarkation Of Job Seekers On Board Mega Yachts in April 2020

Published on: 14 April 2020


In difficult times, when there is a lot of uncertainty due to the spread of an unpredictable infection, there is a huge need for professionals to work on board mega yachts. The yachting sector is still under preparation for the new season. Private yacht companies have focused on special charters in certain selected regions. Some of the yachts are chartered in the Red sea as floating hotels for different events, important conferences and VIP meetings.


SAPKO-C.E is providing crew for one of the largest yachts in the world with amenities such as library, business center, medical facilities, beauticians, gym and a spa. These highly luxurious vessels are equipped with exceptional staterooms for both guests and crew.



In the last 4-5 weeks we have been working very hard with our partners during a time of a pandemic to organize the transfer of crew members successfully. We have been in constant contact with thousands of crew members including those on board to ensure they have up-to-date information and find them the best position on board. 


In the last seven days SAPKO-C.E. embarked more than 30 crew holding various positions on board Luxury mega yachts. We are very proud of our great crew members, who are conducting their professional responsibilities with excellence in order to advance their career and financially support their families. We are impressed with people’s ability to prepare all embarkation documents in such a short notice and their great professionalism. 


Our crew members are accommodated in a five star hotel with all necessary arrangements due to the required 14 days quarantine period before embarkation. They are given comfortable rooms, food and beverages and are in a place, which has the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, study or even for some fitness activities. 


We are grateful for the cooperation of our partners in the shipping sector (both vessel owners and operators), which helped our crew members travel through special green corridors. WIthout their assistance the preparation of all paperwork and documents around transport, border control, emigration and employment would not have been possible. 


We and our partnering vessel owners and operators are one of the few unique companies, who give a chance for crew members from different countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and others in a very uncertain environment to receive employment opportunities. 


We invite everyone interested to get in touch with us since we represent private charter companies and we have many requests for crew to work on floating Luxury Hotels or accomodation ships. There will be openings for well prepared and motivated candidates with valid seaman STCW Marine certificates and seaman passport.


You can count on us, especially in such a difficult situation, to find you the right job on board since we are committed to help marine professionals and their families.


More information for the yachting and offshore sectors will be announced soon. 




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