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Don’t miss the chance to become an Engineer for Carnival Cruises - upcoming event by Sapko C.E. Ltd.

Don’t miss the chance to become an Engineer for Carnival Cruises

SAPKO C.E. Ltd is bringing another exciting opportunity. We’ve partnered with Carnival Cruises which are looking to hire a Second Engineer and a Jr. First Engineer to work on board their luxurious cruise ships starting December 2019/January 2020. 

In this article, we want you to get to know the company and what can you expect if you become their crew member. Let’s start by giving you some information about Carnival Cruises. 


Meet Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises was created by Ted Arison in 1972. Unlike other companies, Carnival offered shorter and more budget-friendly cruises. This strategy allowed them to tap into a brand new market sector with little or no competition. The company also made great strides in shipbuilding, in 1996 they launched the biggest passenger ship at the time. Coming in at over 100,000 tons the Carnival Destiny was the first ship to be categorized as a Destiny class cruise ship.

Carnival Destiny Cruise Ship

Another one of their interesting vessels is the Carnival Dream. This 306-meter ship is outfitted with six engines that have a total of 84,933HP. They are part of a diesel-electric propulsion system that allows the ship to reach a cruising speed of 22.5k. This is only one example of what you’ll be working with if you decide to become an engineer for Carnival Cruises.

Carnival Dream Cruise Ship


Now that you have an idea of the scope of the company let’s have a look at what you can expect when working for Carnival.


Being a Carnival Employee

If you decide to apply for a position you will have the chance to board one of their 26 ships. You will travel to exciting destinations like Hawai. There you will find the world’s most active volcano - Kilauea. You can take the time and see it for yourself. The company does offer time to visit destinations for its crew members while the ship is docked. This is one of the perks when working for cruise ship companies. You won’t get to see an active volcano on your lunch break if you are a car mechanic

The slogan of the company is “Fun for all and All for fun”. This is true for both their passengers and their crew members. Being positive and helpful is expected from all of their employees. Life and work the ship can get pretty hard sometimes. This is why Carnival crew members can enjoy time off in their Crew lounge where they can unwind and socialize. 

Now that you have an idea about who are Carnival Cruises and what it’s like to work for them. 
Today we are focusing on Engineers so let’s see what it’s like to be an engineer.


Engineers make the world go round

They definitely make the ship sail! Engineers are people who work below the deck of the ship. They ensure the smooth operation of the ship’s engine. They maintain the vessel and have the huge responsibility of being able to quickly react to any emergency that may arise during sailing. 

Ship engineers are one of the most highly paid positions on the ships. The primary reason for that is the need for technical expertise and organizational knowledge to ensure the safe arrival of the ship to its planned destination. Your job on the ship is very hands-on. Even when you don’t need to fix anything on the ship you will have to monitor systems at all times. By properly maintaining and monitoring the engine systems you will be able to spot any problems before they happen. An engineer also performs regular check-ups and tests all of the systems on the ships. All of this ensures the smooth sailing of the ships and the regular work schedule of an engineer. Sometimes problems will be inevitable and you may be required to work around the clock to fix them. However, these can be reduced to a minimum by properly performing your duties.

Cruise Ship Engineer

During the time on the ship, you will form a bond with other members and make friends for a lifetime. Ship engineers work on an On/Off schedule. After they spend a couple of months on the ship they spend an equal amount of time on land. This gives them time to rest and replenish for their next journey. 

Carnival is an amazing company offering amazing opportunities. They are always looking for highly skilled and motivated individuals like you. Our manning agency offers you Carnival vacancies for  Jr. Chief Engineer and Second Engineer. 

Apply for an engineering opening on board today to increase of chance of being selected!
Jr. First Engineer
Second Engineer

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