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Food and Beverage Department

Food and Beverage Department
Job Descriptions

Buffet Steward / Stewardess

    Serving meals, drinks, cleaning tables. - Required experience at least 1 to 2 years onboard ships. Very good knowledge of English Language required.

Bar Accountant

    Responsible for accounting procedures of the bar department, required accounting background and / or relevant education.


    Responsible for serving alcoholic beverages to passengers in lounges and on decks. Extensive experience in the position required. Very good English Language skills required.

Bar Stewards/ Stewardess

    Responsible for serving alcoholic beverages to passengers in lounges and on decks
    Extensive experience in the position required. Friendly personality and positive personal flair is a must. Good English Language skills required.

Bar Boy / Bar Utility

    Responsible for cleanliness of lounges and re-stocking bar supplies. Experience in the position onboard a ship would be an advantage, entry level position. Good knowledge of English Language skills required.

D/R Jr. Waiter / Waitress

    Assisting dining room assistant waiters, serving meals and drinks
    Experience in the position onboard ships is mandatory. Good English Language skills required.

D/R Assistant Waiter / Waitress

    Assisting dining room waiters in the food and beverage service, serve passengers as directed by the waiter - Extensive experience in the position required. Good English Language skills required.

D/R Waiter

    Serving passengers, explain the dishes, make recommendations, supervise assistant waiters assigned to their tables) - lots of experience and fluent English Language skills required.

D/R Head Waiter

    Responsible for a certain serving station in the dining room, supervises all waiters. Lots of restaurant and prior cruise ship experience in related position required. Fluent English Language skills required.

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